Diamond ring and diamond band
Diamond ring and diamond band

Weddings are full of customs - something old, something new - and proposing with an heirloom ring can make it even more memorable. If you’re about to pop the question with a family ring, there are a few things to consider beforehand. Appraisals, ring sizing, and clearing it with your fiancé or family members are just a few of the things to think about... 

Diamond ring and band in blue box

How Does Your Future Fiancé Feel About Heirloom Rings?  

This can one of two ways: they may see it as the most romantic thing you’ve done… or, you may demolish their dreams of having their "own" ring. One way to get a feel for how they thinks is to find a friend who can ask for you, or create a tale about a buddy proposing with an heirloom ring. Did you get an “That's amazing!” or did they say “Why didn't he just buy a new one?” Those little hints may help you decide what to do next.

Have You Asked Your Family?

This is a tremendous decision that will involve both of your entire families. Always approach this subject face-to-face to see how everyone really feels about giving away an important piece of family history. In some cases, your family may jump the gun and suggest the ring. But, since you’re handling generations of emotion engraved in an heirloom ring, never assume that your family will be comfortable with the idea.

Don't forget! The ring may need to be reset or adjusted. Be sure to ask if your family is comfortable with any alterations at all. Ask to hear all the stories you can about the ring so you can share them with your future fiancé. 

Truly find out what the ring means to your family and understand its importance in your history. This can be a tough step, and if you don’t get a zealous “go” from your family members, you might want to consider buying something new.

Have You Had It Cleaned, Appraised, and Insured?

Have a professional metalsmith inspect the ring before you propose to your girlfriend. The expert will be looking for loose stones, broken prongs and more that may need to be repaired. Next, have the jeweler appraise your ring so you can have a current valuation and have it properly insured. Finally, ask to have the ring cleaned and ready for the big question.

Have You Had It Sized to Fit?

Resizing a ring is pretty simple, safe, and low cost. One thing to remember is that resizing rings more then two sizes up or down is typically not advisable because it compromises the integrity of the ring. Our jewelers can evaluate your ring and help you choose the best options.

Propose (and Tell About the Ring)!

Now that you’ve selected an incredible ring with a generational history, it’s time to get ready for the big ask! Tell their why this ring is important to you, your family, and the family you two will be starting together - we guarantee they’ll love it!

If you have any questions about family engagement rings, need a ring evaluated or need help with the proposal, stop by one of our Friendly Center, Winston-Salem, or Downtown Greensboro locations and speak with our staff!