Diamond ring
Diamond ring

It’s the most wonderful time of your life – you’ve found the one and it’s time to make sure they know you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Heading to the jewelry store, with or without your partner, to look at rings can be the most fun and yet, the most daunting of tasks. Endless rows of diamonds will become one big blur of sparkle. Questions will abound. Among these, and probably at the top of the list, is: “how do I know which size carat to choose?” If diamonds are truly forever, and you want it to represent your forever love, it has to be right. Let us offer some tips on the average carat size and how to know which size will best suit you and your spouse-to-be.

Age is more than just a number and location matters.

According to jewelry experts, the average carat size largely depends on age and location. The average size for the US couple is one carat, while most European couples stay around 0.5-0.6 carat. Those in the Mid-Atlantic region will spend nearly $2,000 more than couples in the Midwest. Younger couples tend to choose between one and two carat diamonds, while older couples seem to opt for the higher end.

Just because the average couple prefers one-two carat diamonds, this doesn’t mean it has to be your standard. When considering which carat is perfect for you, don’t fall prey to the myth that the bigger the carat, the better.

The bigger, the better?

It’s easy to fall for the notion that the bigger the carat, the better the ring. Social media would have you think that a larger diamond means higher quality or reflects the worth of the ring wearer. This is not necessarily true; by itself, carat weight does not determine a diamond’s value. It must be considered alongside the cut, clarity, and color of a diamond. That’s why it’s ONE of the four C’s.

Carat size is how large the diamond appears; carat weight refers to the weight of the stone. Each diamond will show its weight differently, so shape is an important consideration. Elongated cuts, such as marquise or oval, will make the diamond appear bigger, even if the carat is smaller. Two diamonds with the same carat weight can actually be two different sizes if one is more deeply cut than the other.

Round diamond ring

Love is all you need.

While the average carat for a diamond ring may be around one carat, there is no written rule that says you have to choose that size. You should consider budget, how the ring will look on your beloved’s hand, and their lifestyle choices. Know the four C’s and what to look for. Find a good jeweler and come prepared with lots of questions.

No matter which size carat you decide on, the most important part is that the ring symbolizes love and partnership for eternity!