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Revised 01/01/2023

The undersigned has read understands and agrees that: The approximate values and description of the items listed are accurate. This store, including its employees, accepts no responsibility for condition or identification of jewelry OR stones upon receipt. All articles of whatever value; and which are antique, irreplaceable or of fragile or brittle natures, are accepted for service on condition that the work to be done will be at the owner’s sole risk of damage. Except as otherwise provided herein, responsibility or liability shall be limited to the return of any article(s) listed here on in its resulting condition; or if the article be lost, at sole election, to the payment of the article’(s) valuation as herein determined and limited to replacement with an article(s) as nearly identical as practicable. Except as otherwise provided herein, the liability of for any article described on the reverse side shall not, in any case exceed $500, or such lesser value as may be stated in the service order; or in the event no value is stated on the service order, the value determined by based on the description provided. If no value is listed it will be assumed the value is less than $75.00. If the value of any article(s) is stated on the service order to be higher than $500, such article(s) shall be subject to examination by for their assessment of condition, genuineness and value. Such examination shall not necessarily constitute a complete expert appraisal of such article(s), but shall be a good faith estimation of the value which shall be noted hereon. Actual completion date may be different due to parts availability, shipping delays, repair volume, weather delays, etc and/or any other unforeseen issue that may occur. In no event will be liable for any amount based on a claim that a damaged or lost article had sentimental, keepsake or heirloom value. shall not be responsible or liable in any amount for the loss or theft of any article left in its care for more than 90 days after the customer is notified that service is complete. may deliver possession of any article described to any person presenting the customer’s receipt portion of this service order, unless otherwise specifically advised in writing by the customer prior to such delivery. In no event shall have any responsibility or liability for loss of or damage to any article described on the reverse side hereof after such delivery.