Introducing Wellendorff's Necklace of the Year
Introducing Wellendorff's Necklace of the Year

For many people, stories of friends, family and even complete strangers find their way into our daily conversations - evoking joy and nostalgia. We envision the past and relive happiness whereas we picture the future and see unease. Secrets of time unlived elicit worry and woe on a yearly, weekly and sometimes even an hourly basis.

Our favorite jewelry brands boast that they use the past for inspiration and the future for the next big thing. But this year, Wellendorff challenged themselves to design for the now. 2018 is the company’s 125th anniversary (just like Schiffman's) and they aren’t taking a second for granted, which is why they have decided to celebrate their quasquicentennial with what they are calling the "Necklace of the Year".

Wellendorf necklace

At first look, the Necklace of the Year 2018 is a traditional, practical piece that can be worn day to day. However, the art of this iconic necklace lies within the special skill and ingenuity of Wellendorff’s team of goldsmiths and in the company’s 125 years of experience. Each necklace takes over 9 months of painstaking hand machining to complete.

This necklace features a single strand of diamonds that is elegantly balanced by three Brilliance of the Sun ropes. It hangs flush against the body, thanks to Wellendorff’s innovative engineering. Two of the gold stands are bound together discreetly in the center of the necklace by internal tension, making the ropes separate slightly and nestle at equal distances underneath the diamonds. The necklace’s third gold strand rests slightly above the rest, creating a focus and transforming the entire piece into a symbol for life as defined by the indivisible trilogy of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Wellendorf designer

The single row of diamonds is meant to symbolize the grandest moments in our journey through life - youth, marriage, children, promotions, and finish lines crossed. Each of the 141 stones representing a particular moment of joy in the wearer's life.

The number of diamonds in the stand - 141 - is also a note to the number of necklaces in the collection. To honor the 41st anniversary of the original Wellendorff silk rope, only 41 necklaces of this design will be produced in 18-karat yellow or white gold, according to the customer’s preference. Each piece will be made this year by order.

Wellendorf silk rope

Each piece is completed with the Wellendorff clasp and extension chain to ensure security and the perfect fit for each lucky woman. At the end of each extension chain is a hand-set pavé heart, with room for the limited-edition number and a personal message that the wearer wishes to capture in yellow gold, now and forever.

Finally, each necklace features a small Diamond W which represents the Wellendorff jewelry manufactory’s 125 years of expertise and guarantees its wearer that the necklace it’s built to last from one generation to the next.

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