Aquamarines: The Story Behind March’s Birthstone
Aquamarines: The Story Behind March’s Birthstone

Those with March birthdays are infinity lucky because they’ve got the luck of the Irish on the their side, even St. Patrick at their patron saint! But that’s not the only reason they are lucky. March babies are fortunate to have the aquamarine as their birthstone.

Named for the ocean and its many shades of blue, this month’s birthstone often reminds its wearers of tropical waters and enchanting lagoons. Aquamarine actually means “water of the sea” - a name that originated in the early 1700’s during the Georgian jewelry era. It was also once referred to as the “Sailor’s Stone” because seamen once believed that March’s birthstone would protect them from rough seas and unbearable storms. This belief carried weight far into the 20th century as the US Navy commissioned a coastal patrol yacht called the USS Aquamarine during World War II in honor of the gemstone and it history with the sea.

Blue gemstone diamond ring

Charles Krypell Aquamarine Ring

Aquamarines are most commonly discovered in Brazil, Africa, Asia and in Colorado (where it’s the state’s gemstone). This stone’s color ranges from the palest of blues to dark blue green shades and often has excellent clarity right out of the Earth’s crust. Often aquamarines are mistaken for blue topaz but trust us that the original is far more valuable due to it rarity and vibrant raw natural color. In fact, the aquamarine is part of the beryl family of minerals which is also home to emeralds.

The gemstone boasts a hardness scale score of 8 meaning that they are durable enough to wear but shouldn’t be exposed to rough conditions (leave them off the construction site!). They are also tolerant of bright lights but not as much of extreme heats.

Blue gemstone studs

Aquamarine Stud Earrings from our Colored Stones Collection

A few of the most famous aquamarines belong to the current Queen of England. She was presented with a stunning necklace and matching earrings at her coronation in 1953 by the president of Brazil. The Queen loved the gift so much that she commissioned a matching bracelet, brooch and even a tiara to round out her jewelry collection.

Today, aquamarines are popular in engagement rings. In fact, one of the most popular engagement ring designs for millennials is an aquamarine set-in rose gold as the color combination is so striking from any angle. Even Justin Timberlake included two aquamarines in his wife’s, Jessica Biel, engagement ring in honor of her March 3rd birthday (Happy Belated Birthday!).

Marco Bicego paradise necklace

Marco Bicego Paradise Necklace

March’s birthstone is best paired with crisp clean neutrals like black and white, navy blue and camel. They are a great accent if your everyday work attire includes blouses, pencil skirts and even out to dinner with your favorite LBD.

The bottom line? You can go wrong with an aquamarine - whether you have a March birthday or not.