Beautiful in Burgundy - A New Color from TUDOR
Beautiful in Burgundy - A New Color from TUDOR

Tudor's state-of-the-art firm in Le Locle brings us a new burgundy Black Bay watch. Beyond its alluring appearance, this timepiece boasts remarkable technical attributes. Here are the ones that caught our eye.

Tudor Black Bay Burgundy Bezel

First, the new Black Bay is METAS Master Chronometer certified, an impressive accomplishment bringing exceptional performance and reliability. Earning this certification involves rigorous testing for water resistance, power reserve, magnetic resistance, and accuracy.

The watch is powered by Tudor's Manufacture Calibre MT5602-U, a remarkable movement, giving you precise timekeeping. One notable feature is its "weekend proofing," allowing the watch to remain unworn for up to 70 hours without manual winding. This means you'll wake up Monday morning to an accurate watch that’s ready to go. 

Moreover, the non-magnetic hairspring enables the watch to maintain accuracy within a range of five seconds, highlighting its exceptional precision. Tudor's dedication to technical excellence is evident in every aspect of this timepiece.

Tudor Black Bay

Returning to its origins, the new Black Bay showcases a burgundy bezel that adds a touch of sophistication to its overall design. The sleek black dial and a steel case gives you a classic look, with an edge of mystery. The hands have a subtle new appearance, the first enhancement of its kind since 2012. Many have found this to give the watch a more balanced look.

Tudor also redesigned the screw-down crown, and added the iconic Tudor rose, which undoubtedly enhances the watch's appeal. The attention to detail showcased throughout underscores Tudor's commitment to both form and function.

For those seeking alternative strap options, Tudor provides a rubber variant in addition to the steel bracelet. Both options come with the convenient Tudor "T-fit" clasp, making easy micro-adjustments and ensuring a comfortable fit.

Now, let's delve into our impressions of this latest addition to Tudor's collection. We are thrilled to see the return of the rich burgundy color, particularly when paired with the exquisite bracelet. The luminescent properties of the snowflake hands and indices appear enhanced, exuding an added touch of elegance. The overall design feels more harmonious compared to its 2012 predecessor.

The METAS certification constitutes another exciting aspect of this watch. It exemplifies Tudor's pursuit of excellence and signifies a noted advancement in the brand's in-house capabilities. Don't be surprised if Tudor's new manufacture and certification equals even more impressive timepieces in the future.

The Black Bay features a 41mm steel case housing a black dial. Applied indexes and luminescent hands and markers ensure excellent legibility. With a water resistance of 200 meters, this watch is poised for any adventure. The strap options include a three-link or five-link steel bracelet and a rubber option, with T-Fit adjustable clasps.

Tudor's new Black Bay watch, adorned with a burgundy bezel, seamlessly blends striking aesthetics with impressive technical features. Through its METAS certification, in-house movement, and meticulous design, this timepiece is a prime example of Tudor's dedication to exceptional watches.

It’s one of our favorites this year. Make an appointment with one of our watch experts or visit our store any time. We’re sure it will be one of your favorites, too.