10 Jewelry Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs
10 Jewelry Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

Like the tried-and-true capsule wardrobe, there are a few jewelry essentials that follow the same rules: just as you need a pair of jeans, sweater, versatile tee, and blazer, here are ten picks that we think should comprise the classic and timeless jewelry collection.


10 Jewelry Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

jewelry essentials every wardrobe needs

The Stud Earrings

There is a reason everyone’s first piercing is a stud earring: it is the launching pad for the rest of their jewelry trajectory.  Just like the white T-shirt and jeans, studs can be dressed up or down; pearl or diamond, geometric shape or bead, they add an easy touch of sparkle that can be worn no matter the occasion.

The Hoop Earrings

Dating back to ancient civilization, hoops make a great statement piece with their unending circular shape, a great reminder of their eternal place in fashion history. Big or small, textured or simple metal, the hoop can add a playful, sexy, and smart statement to anyone’s ensemble.

The Bangle Bracelet

Just like the hoop earring, the bangle has been around forever and can lend a playful or classy touch to just any about outfit. Wear one or stack them to create texture and sound – the most delightful jingling that lets everyone around you know you’ve arrived.

The Pendant Necklace

The necklace labeled “everyone’s best friend”, the pendant is the easiest and best way to wear something meaningful next to your heart while expressing yourself. Best of all, there’s no need to wear just one. You can play around with chain lengths to stack and wear multiples. 

The Gold Chain Necklace      

Speaking of stacking necklaces, the gold chain necklace is an absolute staple when it comes to your jewelry collection. Don’t feel like you can only have one, either – give your outfit that certain edge with a chunkier strand or the lightest touch of femininity with a wispier version. If layered properly, who says you can’t wear both, perhaps pairing them with your pendant necklace for quite the statement?

The Strand of Pearls…or any Derivation, Really

We love to quote Jackie O when it comes to pearls: “they [pearls] are always appropriate”. Whether it’s a necklace, pair of drop earrings, or bracelet, pearls will always evoke delight with their elegance. Perfect for the morning work meeting, they transition effortlessly into a glamorous night out. If you were lucky enough to have been passed down a strand, take heart that they will never go out of style.

The Signet Ring

Another traditionally-handed-down heirloom, the signet is truly a classic. Dating back to the time of pharaohs, the signet was unique to the person wearing it – quite literally, it was a stand-in for their fingerprint. For this reason, the signet is considered a highly personal statement piece with a bold subtleness. Stamped with your initials, diamond-studded, or shiny and smooth, wear it as it was traditionally worn on the pinkie or shake it up and wear it on your finger of choice. Wear it alone or with others on your hand – the statement is yours to make.

The Stacking Ring

While wearing more than one ring on a finger calls for a little strategy, they are a must when it comes to completing your jewelry collection. To make it a bit easier on yourself, consider getting an already-stacked multi-ring style so you know the bands complement each other. Or opt for thin gold bands that play together nicely stacked on a single finger or across the hand.

The Colorful Stone

You’ve heard the adage “something borrowed, something blue”? Well, it applies to jewelry, too. Just as we think every collection should contain at least one heirloom, there should also be a pop of color in there, as well. Mixing metals is a great way to add dimension and texture, but adding a sapphire or emerald is a great way to match the shade of an outfit or bring out the flecks of green in your eyes. 

The Steel Watch

Last but never least, the steel watch is the easiest foray into the world of luxury watches. Just like the stud earrings, the steel watch pairs well with everything – whether it’s that really big job interview or casual date night, a steel watch says you pay attention to presentation no matter the situation.