Dive Into The Beautiful World Of Roberto Coin Jewelry

There’s a reason why Roberto Coin is one of Italy’s most acclaimed jewelry designers - his pieces are wearable works of art. More than gorgeous jewelry pieces, his creations are precious treasures to be cherished forever.

Inspired by Italian art, architecture, and nature, Roberto Coin designs blend past and present, redefining luxury and making even the simplest outfit look like the epitome of elegance.

Here, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions about the brand, and explore what makes Roberto Coin jewelry some of the most coveted in the world.

Where is Roberto Coin from?

World-renowned jewelry designer, Roberto Coin, was born in Venice and, at the age of 32, founded his legendary brand in the neighboring city of Vicenza.

Also known as the City of Gold, Vicenza is not only the ideal headquarters for one of Italy’s most acclaimed jewelry makers, but also a source of infinite design inspiration and ancestral artistic know-how.

The meaning behind the iconic Roberto Coin ruby

Perhaps Roberto Coin’s most distinctive feature is his use of rubies in every jewelry piece he creates. The ruby is his exclusive signature, located on the inside of every piece, and it’s a secret message of good wishes to the wearer.

Legend has it that rubies bestow health, happiness, and prosperity upon those who keep these gemstones close to their skin, and that’s why they’re intentionally set on the inside of each piece. It’s thoughtful details like these that make Roberto Coin’s creations so unique and special.

Roberto Coin jewelry

Roberto Coin necklaces

With timeless designs, such as medallions reminiscent of the stained-glass windows that adorn the facades of Venetian buildings, and trendy pieces like diamond-encrusted initial necklaces, Roberto Coin echoes motifs from the past and present throughout all his creations. Whether you prefer his classic pieces or you love his modern designs, the truth is that you can never go wrong with a Roberto Coin necklace.

Roberto Coin earrings

From designs evoking the Italian dolce vita and romantic floral patterns to minimalist styles and contemporary silhouettes, Roberto Coin earrings ooze sophistication. Not only that, but they’re designed to beautifully frame your face and bring light to it, making these pieces some of the most flattering accessories you can have in your jewelry box.

Roberto Coin bracelets

Roberto Coin jewelry is all about versatility and timeless elegance. That’s why his bracelets are designed to not only look gorgeous on their own, but to also pair beautifully with one another. That way, you have the freedom to mix and match bracelets of varied styles, play with different metals and finishes, and create a stylish and cohesive look.

Roberto Coin rings

From dainty stackable bands to statement cocktail rings, Roberto Coin offers a plethora of dazzling designs to suit every taste. Whether you prefer minimalist silhouettes or lavish accessories, these stunning rings add such sophistication to any outfit that they’ll soon become your all-time favorite pieces in your jewelry box.

What kind of diamonds does Roberto Coin use?

Every diamond used in Roberto Coin jewelry is ethically sourced and conflict-free. The brand only purchases diamonds from legitimate sources who subscribe to an international system of certification called the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which imposes strict guidelines and extensive requirements to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate diamond trade.So, when you wear Roberto Coin, you can rest assured your precious jewelry is not only gorgeous and unique, but it’s also ethically made and conflict-free.

Who wears Roberto Coin?

As one of the world’s lead luxury jewelry designers, Roberto Coin’s highly sought-after creations are constantly spotted on red carpets and magazines, bedazzling celebrities like Oprah, Michelle Obama, Laura Linney, Sophia Vergara, Katie Holmes, Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldana, Taraji P. Henson, Kate McKinnon, and Halle Berry.

Where to buy Roberto Coin jewelry in North Carolina?

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