Looking For Jewelry And Watch Repair Services?

Here’s Everything You Need To Know

More than accessories, your jewelry and timepieces are cherished items that mean a lot to you. That’s why when a cherished piece gets damaged or breaks, it might seem like the end of the world. But, there’s no need to panic!

The good news is that your precious jewelry and watches can be fixed. But, you should only trust your prized pieces to the best and most respectable jewelers. Before you do that, though, let’s take a look at some important things to know about jewelry and watch repair and maintenance.

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How do you keep jewelry in good condition?

The best way to prevent damage to your beloved pieces is to take good care of your jewelry and watches.

Normal wear and tear are always expected, but it’s important to take your most-worn pieces to get regular cleanings and occasional inspections. That way, your jewelry and timepieces will always look their best, and you can prevent breakage before it happens.

But, if your favorite pieces are already showing signs of damage, there’s no need to despair! Just bring them over to our experts, and they’ll have them looking spotless in no time.  

What can jewelers fix?

While jewelry repairs can vary widely, ranging from simple to complex, the good news is that the most common issues that need repairing can be easily fixed by professional jewelers. Let’s take a closer look at some issues we see every day.  

• Ring resizing - whether your ring is a little tight or way too big, we can easily add or remove some metal and adjust it to fit your finger like a glove.

• Broken shank repair - if your engagement ring, wedding band, or a beloved fashion ring breaks, don’t worry. All we need to do is solder a little piece of metal to the broken part of the band, then polish it for a flawless finish, and you won’t even know it was ever broken.

• Chain soldering - if some links of a chain necklace or bracelet get weak, we can either repair or replace them, depending on their condition. This is an easy issue to fix, and you don’t have to worry about your chain getting weaker after the repair.

• Prong repair or replacement - prongs are incredibly delicate, so it’s normal for them to wear out over time. Depending on how worn they are, we can either repair or replace them with an entirely new one.

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Back of watch open for repair

• Gemstone and diamond setting - if a gemstone or diamond falls out of a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earring, don’t worry! Your precious gem or diamond can be quickly re-set back where it belongs. And, if you prefer, you can even upgrade your diamond or gemstone to a newer - and bigger - one!

• Pearl stringing - strands of pearls should be restrung somewhat frequently, depending on how often you wear them. Luckily, your pearl necklaces and bracelets can be easily restrung in no time.

• Jewelry and watch cleaning and polishing - even if your jewelry and watches aren’t broken or damaged, always remember to take your precious pieces for a routine cleaning and polishing. Some professional TLC is always the best way to prevent damage and keep your jewelry and timepieces spotless!

• Watch repairs - besides caring for your jewelry, we also look after your timepieces. Repairs range from simple battery and strap replacement to dial, crystal, bezel, and complication repair and replacement.

How long does jewelry repair take?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer here because it depends on what you’re having repaired and the complexity of the work required. On average, though, you can expect a turn-around time of around a week. However, we can only give you a definitive estimate for how long the repair will take when you bring your piece in for inspection.

No matter how long it takes, though, just remember that having your jewelry looking impeccable requires great attention to detail, and those hours of undivided care are never a bad thing!

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Where to repair jewelry and watches in North Carolina?

Schiffman's Jewelers is the most trusted jewelry repair service in North Carolina. Our experts use the finest techniques and latest technology to breathe new life into your jewelry and timepieces. We know how much the precious pieces in your jewelry box mean to you, and that’s why we give them our undivided attention and utmost care. After all, having your beloved pieces looking impeccable requires nothing short of excellence - and we know it!

Visit us in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC, to see first-hand how we care for you and your jewelry. And, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our latest news and get some stunning jewelry inspiration.

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