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IWC Schaffhausen is a Swiss brand designer that has been at the forefront of watch innovation for over 150 years. Its incomparable quality shows in the superior timepieces crafted by the designer. IWC's chronometer technology continues to redefine the standards of Swiss luxury watches.

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Each of the designer's models have a unique mechanical finesse that combines design with luxury expectations.

Of all major Swiss watchmaking brands, IWC Schaffhausen offers one of the most incredible selections of handpicked timepiece models. This guide will help you find the right IWC luxury watch type for you, be it an automatic or manual movement timepiece.

But first, let's take a look at some of the many different timepiece models that the designer offers, based on the watch category and the unique features that define them. There are plenty of options to choose from, so we will summarize them so that you can decide what the perfect IWC Schaffhausen match is for you, by taking into account your personal taste, lifestyle, and personality.

Dress Watches

This watch category is all about understated elegance. Dress watches feature a slim profile that makes it the perfect choice to compose an elegant look, whether by being slipped under a dress shirt's sleeve in a discreet way, or fully exposed, as they are designed to be aesthetically stunning.

They're designed to impress above all things, so dress watch cases most commonly feature precious metals like white, yellow, and rose gold, silver, or platinum. Their sophistication seamlessly complements any outfit, as they are basically the only accessory you'll need to wear to look classy.

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Diving Timepieces

Although divers watches were first created to be reliable, water-resistant tools for divers, these iconic watches are adored for their beauty as well as their function. Diver watches are one of the most popular watch types - and have been since the 1960s - thanks in part to James Bond’s iconic watches.

 A defining feature in diver watches is a unidirectional bezel on the case, which allows a diver to track how long he’s been underwater. Another one of their best features is, you guessed it, water resistance.

 Since they’re primarily designed to be worn in the water, both the case and the band tend to be made using corrosion-resistant metals, such as stainless steel or titanium.

Aviator or Pilot’s Timepieces

The aviator watch was born in 1904, when the Brazilian inventor Alberto Santos-Dumont asked his friend, Louis Cartier, to design a watch that would allow him to tell time while flying an airplane, without removing his hands from the controls. At that time, men still wore pocket watches, so many people regard the watch Louis Cartier designed for his friend as not only the first aviator’s watch, but also the first wristwatch ever.

 Since then, aviator watches have evolved to what they are today, most notably with the addition of a chronograph. Though their design can vary widely, every aviator watch features an easy-to-read dial, usually oversized, with legible numbers and luminous hands. Some also include GMT complications to track multiple time zones.

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Racing or Driving Timepieces

Race cars and watches have always relied on precision and accuracy, so it’s only natural that the racing world and the art of watchmaking are strongly connected. The two defining features of a racing watch are the chronograph and the tachymeter. Most racing watches display a large dial in order to accommodate the chronograph's unparalleled timepiece accuracy. This kind of watch usually features bright, clear Arabic numerals for easy reading.

The technology of the racing timepieces was originally developed for engineers and scientists, but it became famous among racers as it is meant to endure speed, impact, and all the rigors of auto racing, these watches are typically made of stainless steel and feature a leather or metal strap.

Yacht or Sailing Timepieces

Another watch designed for precise timekeeping in races, Yacht watches were initially created to time regattas and sailing races, especially designed for boat-related activities. This timepiece category is more than just a model. It represents an entire universe that is part of a nautical lifestyle. To find out more about this, check out the iconic IWC Yacht Club timepiece.

Yacht watches are incredibly popular among yachtsmen and watch aficionados alike. Their defining features are the fact that all yacht watches are water-resistant and have some sort of countdown timer, which could be a disc system in the dial, markings on the bezel, or any other feature which allows the wearer to count down to the beginning of a race.

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Where to shop for IWC Schaffhausen in North Carolina

At Schiffman's Jewelers, you’ll find the best selection of IWC Schaffhausen in North Carolina. We offer our customers with the very best, unique designer timepieces to ensure that our customers will find the right match for them. For further guidance, speak to our experts. They will help you find the perfect addition to your timepiece collection.

You can find our selection of IWC at our Greensboro store. It is located at 811 Friendly Center Road. Feel free to contact us at your convenience if you prefer to make an appointment before you pay us a visit.

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