Discover The Incomparable Beauty of Harry Kotlar Jewelry

Legendary designer Harry Kotlar has been dazzling the world with exquisite jewelry pieces for the past seven decades.

From the brand’s hallmark Artisan Pavé collection to the iconic Kotlar ​Cushion diamond, Harry Kotlar’s impeccable craftsmanship and utmost attention to detail can be seen throughout all the designer’s jewelry.

Rose gold and white gold diamond bands

Why choose Harry KotlAr jewelry?

A seamless blend of heritage and innovation.

Heritage, innovation, and quality are the defining traits of ultimate luxury - and Harry Kotlar has it all. The design house is devoted to continuing its founder’s legacy of impeccable craftsmanship with a culture which inspires perfection and excellence.

To this day, Harry’s grandson maintains the legacy of personalized luxury established by his late grandfather over seven decades ago. Not only that, but his visionary approach lead the brand to launch a host of innovations since the turn of the century, and to introduce some of its flagship pieces, such as the Kotlar Cushion.

Diamond  circle necklace
Square Yellow diamond ring

Incomparable craftsmanship

Harry Kotlar’s master artisans express their creativity through innovative design while applying old-world techniques to jewelry-making.

Every piece is completely done by hand, without the aid of any digital equipment. Each Harry Kotlar piece is touched by only four artisans: a forger, a carver/setter, a polisher, and a quality control expert. As a result, you get an exquisite piece of old-world history and master artistry which will last a lifetime.

Iconic design

There are some jewelry pieces which are so iconic, you instantly recognize them with a single glance. That’s the case of Harry Kotlar’s legendary Artist Pavé collection and the diamond cut of unrivaled beauty, the Kotlar Cushion.

Speaking of iconic, let’s explore one of Harry Kotlar’s most legendary creations, the Kotlar Cushion.

Three stone yellow diamond ring
Cushion cut diamond ring

What makes the Kotlar Cushion so unique?

The Kotlar Cushion is known as the world’s most brilliant cushion-cut diamond for a reason. Each diamond is cut in a unique 61-facet arrangement to maximize its fire, brilliance, and scintillation.

This meticulous process gives each diamond a unique radiance with gentle lines and a fuller silhouette. The elite artistry and craftsmanship behind each Kotlar Cushion diamond make it worthy of its title.

The Kotlar Cushion was modeled after the antique cushion cut and inspired by the legendary Second Star of Africa set in the British Imperial State Crown. Simply put, the Kotlar Cushion is so unique because no other diamond cut compares to it.

Harry Kotlar pieces we love

Harry Kotlar earrings Harry Kotlar diamond stud earrings are the epitome of the diamond stud. Their beauty is simply incomparable. And, they’re so versatile you won’t ever want to take them off.

If you prefer other earring designs, you can opt for a dazzling pair of diamond drop earrings, show-stopping hoops, or exquisite chandeliers which sway as you cross the room. The options are endless!

With styles for every occasion, Harry Kotlar earrings are timeless staples you need in your jewelry box. After all, they’re the perfect accessories for that absolute head-turning moment.

Diamond hoop earrings
Yellow gold and diamond bangle

Harry Kotlar bracelets

From white gold tennis bracelets to yellow gold diamond bangles, the unique craftsmanship in Harry Kotlar’s bracelets highlights all the finer details present in every bracelet.

Stand out in an iconic Artisan Pavé cuff or wrap your wrist around the warm embrace of a criss cross bangle. Better yet, mix and match different styles for the ultimate fashion statement - and brilliance, of course!

Harry Kotlar rings

From dazzling eternity bands to show-stopping engagement rings, Harry Kotlar offers a wide range of stunning ring styles for every taste.

Harry Kotlar’s engagement rings gleam with flair as the tantalizing diamonds take their distinctive look to new heights.

The brand’s gorgeous Artisan Pavé rings are as iconic as it gets. Combine that with the Kotlar Cushion diamond, and you’ve got the perfect ring. No matter which style you choose, you’ll ooze sophistication with a Harry Kotlar ring around your finger.

Rose gold and diamond wedding band
Yellow gold and diamond necklace

Harry Kotlar necklaces

Whether you prefer minimalist designs or lavish statement pieces, Harry Kotlar has the perfect necklace for you. With pieces ranging from dainty to daring, you can wear a different Harry Kotlar necklace on every occasion. Make the biggest statement with a diamond pendant necklace, stun with an elegant diamond statement choker, or add charm to your outfit with a classic diamond station necklace. Explore every possibility with these unique designs!

Where to find Harry Kotlar jewelry in North Carolina

Schiffman’s Jewelers is proud to serve Greensboro and Winston-Salem with a curated selection of stunning Harry Kotlar jewelry - with dazzling pieces ranging from necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings. You’ll love it!

As one of the oldest family-run businesses in North Carolina, we have helped countless people find the jewelry pieces of their dreams, and we’re looking forward to helping you find the perfect piece for you, too.

Visit us at one of our three locations in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC. We’re waiting for you!

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