Fashion Jewelry Latest Trends

What you wear can say a lot about you, so it’s important that you find jewelry that you’re proud to adorn yourself with. For that reason, Schiffman's has selected some inspiring ideas of pieces of jewelry for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect jewelry to boost your outfits and help you to create stunning looks that everyone will love.

But first, why get fashion jewelry?

There's a few reasons why adding fashion jewelry to your jewelry box can give your look a complete makeover. Firstly, well-chosen fashion pieces are able to complement and transform the image of a woman in a way that few accessories can.

Also, fashion jewelry is a fun way to get creative with your accessories, and something you can wear to show different glimpses of your personality and mood! Moreover, the more beautiful it'll make you feel, the higher your self-esteem will be as a result! So, for all these reasons and to be the best version of yourself, invest in fashion jewelry!

Now, let’s see which fashion jewelry pieces are trending!

Bands that can be stacked (stackables)

Bands that come in multiple colors, metals, and styles and that are ready to be stacked in combination with your own bands are truly amazing. They can add a missing detail to your overall look, or perfectly complement a band you wear every day. For lovers, stackable bands can reinforce your vows of love — or create new ones. Whatever the purpose is, it's up to you!

The possibilities are endless, and all you have to do is think of what would best complement your look. Even if you don’t think stacking bands is right for you, when you’re thinking of getting a new band, make sure it matches your existing ones.

For more guidance on specific colors, metals, and styles, speak to one of our experts at Schiffman's. They will know exactly how to assist you. Our selection of bands includes amazing, delicate pieces that will be a perfect addition to anything you wear now.


Bracelets are one of the most stylish accessories in the fashion industry, because they come in so many forms and can suit any of your moods. How do you feel like dressing today? If you want to go big and bold, opt for a gold or diamond bracelet.

But if you're feeling more laid back and chill, you can choose among stainless steel, ceramic, or even a gemstone bracelet, if you’d like. They can also be stacked in duos or trios.

And men are absolutely not left out of this trend. At Schiffman's, we offer an amazing high-end selection from designers like Marco Bicego and William Henry, and many more so that both men and women can wear pieces designed especially for them.

Fashion Necklaces

From casual days and business meetings to evening parties or romantic dinners, necklaces have you covered no matter what. They make a truly stunning composition with blouses and dresses, or if your style is more laid back, they can be combined with regular T-shirts just as well.

If you're a minimalist, go for a staple piece necklace that will go with everything and that you can mix and match pendants with. We offer a wide variety of classic gold choices, both in white and yellow gold necklaces.

But, we also offer cutting-edge styles of diamond necklaces to make you look absolutely amazing in no time. So, all you have to do is change your necklace depending on your current mood!


Earrings are extremely versatile, and they're all you need to look incredibly stylish in a matter of seconds. That's why they will always remain among the top pieces of jewelry that are trending at all times.

There's a pair of them for every occasion, so ask yourself: why did you want to use these earrings for? Are you planning to dress to impress? Then, it might be a good idea to opt for enchanting diamond earrings that will surely get you there, making you shine instantly.

But, say you need a pair to compose a look for work or a happy hour. Then it may be a great idea to go for pearl earrings, since there’s nothing classier than them! Alternatively, if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, you could choose gemstone earrings. We carry a one-of-a-kind, wide selection of gemstones for you to bask in.

Fashion Rings

Fashion rings elevate and complement your look no matter your personal style. And they also enhance your hands, the parts of our body that we use the most. The trend now is to mix and match as many ring (sets) as possible, if you'd like to take on a boho style. Just let your creativity run freely!

So, feel free to speak to one of our experts to create your own style combination of fashion rings and don't be afraid to experiment creatively! Even if all you want to do is wear just one ring, it'll make you look great anyways. That's the case with diamond rings: they're pretty much the only thing you'll need to shine bright.

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