How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring for Her

How To Propose With The Ring Of Her Dreams

Engagement rings are arguably one of the most significant pieces of jewelry a person will get in their lifetime. As a symbol of each other’s promise of love and commitment, they should be chosen after careful thought and consideration. After all, an engagement ring isn’t just a piece of jewelry - it’s a token of your love.

While the chances of finding the perfect person are rare, finding the perfect ring doesn’t have to be anywhere near as hard as finding the perfect person. So, here are some tips to help you find the perfect ring for your soulmate.

Round solitaire diamond ring

Center STones

While diamonds are the most popular choice of precious stone for engagement rings, many opt for different gemstones. Each gem has its own distinctive color, transparency, luster, hardness, and, above all, its own symbolic meaning.


Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, so it comes as no surprise that they are a symbol of invincibility - and, of course, invincible love. This dazzling precious stone is also an emblem of purity, perfection, and eternal love.

Square diamond princess engagement ring
Oval ruby and diamond ring


One of the most admired stones on earth, rubies are considered a symbol of passionate love and eternal devotion. This fiery red stone is also synonymous with romance and nobility.


Although most people associate sapphires with the color blue, these stones can be found in several colors, such as yellow, pink, and green. Sapphires symbolize good fortune, wisdom, harmony, friendship, and loyalty.

Sapphire and Diamond ring
Emerald and diamond ring


Emeralds are the ultimate symbol of hope. Their use in engagement rings embodies one’s hope of supporting a strong, unwavering love and commitment, as well as luck, peace, and longevity in your marriage.


Whether you pick a diamond or a colored gemstone, there are many options of cuts to enhance the beauty of your centerpiece.

Here is a quick center stone guide to cuts:  


Also called "brilliant cut", this is the most popular shape for engagement ring stones. Round cuts give off a classic look and reflect the most amount of light, making the diamond or gemstone extremely shiny.

Round brilliant cut diamond ring
Oval diamond ring


Another popular shape, the oval cut is wide but shallow, making the stone appear larger than it actually is. This shape also brings a vintage touch to gemstones and diamonds alike


Ideal for large precious stones, the cushion cut brings modernity to the jewelry it adorns, while also making it look incredibly delicate. This is a great option if you are looking for a unique ring, as it is quite a difficult shape to find, especially for colored stones.

Cushion cut diamond ring
Pear shaped diamond ring


Cut like a teardrop, the pear shape is a distinguished and fresh silhouette that appeals to those who want a feminine piece of jewelry with a touch of originality and a contemporary feel to it.


The princess cut is utterly charming with a name that evokes fairy tales. Its squared shape with sharp corners manages to look modern and yet timeless at the same time. The inverted pyramid shape takes precision and gives the illusion of a bigger stone.

Princess cut diamond ring
Long and oval cut diamond and sapphire ring


Shaped like a prolonged and pointed oval cut, the marquise cut is luxurious and charming. Its shape gives the illusion of elongated hands and its symmetry makes the outline of the ring look extremely chic.


This cut is done longways and optimizes a rectangular form for beautiful light reflection.

Emerald cuts give off a softer and more subtle light than other cuts, which makes this shape singular, sober, and elegant. This is a great option if you are looking for a unique piece with a vintage look to it.

Rectangular shaped diamond ring


Now that you know everything about the most popular precious stones and cuts, all that there’s left to do is choose the perfect setting.

Here are some of the settings most beloved by brides:

Three stone diamond ring


As the name suggests, this beautiful setting comprises three diamonds or gemstones. Although they can all have the same size, most three-stone rings feature one larger center stone and two smaller ones.


This setting features a halo of diamonds that surrounds the main stone, reflecting more light and giving the impression of a larger centerpiece.

Ring with diamonds around it and on the band
Solitaire diamond ring


A true classic, solitaires are composed of a single diamond or gemstone mounted on a sleek and fashionable band.

Split Shank

These timeless rings feature a shank that splits into two, creating two separate metal pieces that stem from the center stone.

Two metal pieces that form into one with sapphire gemstone in middle ring
Eternity style diamond ring


Straight-style rings boast an eternity-style row of brilliants that complements the center stone, drawing the eye to it.

When you propose, on which finger should you place the engagement ring?

In the western world, engagement rings are usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand. That’s because, in the ancient world, it was believed that this finger had a vein that led directly to the heart, symbolizing everlasting love. How romantic is that?

When should you not wear your engagement ring?

Although engagement rings are extremely durable, they should still be given some special attention. It’s best to remove the ring when doing physical activities, using cosmetic or cleaning products, going to the beach or to the pool, taking a shower, and cooking.

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