The Colors of Summer

When we think of Summer, thoughts of sunshine, laughter, and ice cream are just a few that come to mind. It's only right to show off citrine and ruby gemstones during such a warm and cheery season.

Berry bright rubies and golden citrine gems are here to bring you happy jewelry this Summer. You can mix and match these stunning gems to your liking for playful and whimsical looks that will give you the ultimate mood boost.

Square shaped citrine ring and round solitaire citrine earring
Pear shaped citrine necklace with diamonds all the way  around it

A Ray of Sunshine

Citrine's golden color is enough to make you smile. This gem gives you that warm feeling when the sun comes out after a rainy day.

Round ruby and diamond ring and wide ruby and diamond bracelet

The Gemstone of Summer

The ruby's berry-rich color will add a little romance and excitement to your Summer.

Square shaped citrine ring with silver beads around stone and round citrine necklace

Power of Positivity

Citrine is as bright as its energy. Everything about this gem radiates joy and positivity bringing you happiness, energy, and optimism.