what necklace length is right for you?
what necklace length is right for you?

Designer Diane Von Furstenberg likened jewelry to that “perfect spice [that] complements what’s already there.” Such could be said about the necklace, in particular. Sometimes all you need to put the proverbial icing on the cake is a necklace. The only hard part is trying to decide which length is right for you!

finding the right necklace length for you

Standardized Length

Necklaces come in a wide variety of standardized sizes: from fourteen inches, which is the shortest length available, to the more traditional eighteen inches, all the way up to thirty inches or more. Although all necklace sizes are standardized, where they rest on the body is the variant.  

Let’s Talk Chokers

Once popular in the 90’s, chokers have seen quite the resurgence lately and that’s because they not only make a great statement piece, they can be easily paired with other chain lengths. Coming in at fourteen inches, this necklace makes the shortest length offered. Wear it by itself or with others, it sits at the base of the neck and won’t get tangled.

Let’s Talk Traditional

The eighteen-inch chain is what’s considered the average necklace length. Think pendant necklace and more often than not, you will see it worn at this length. Resting just below the clavicle on most wearers, if you’re going for the sweetheart look, this is the length for you.

Let’s Talk Purpose

At twenty-four inches, this length is one of the longest necklaces worn as full-length and not doubled over. This is the most popular choice for those wearing necklaces for religious or sentimental purposes.

 Let’s Talk Options

The thirty-inch chain is, more often than not, worn doubled; if not, this chain could potentially drape down past a person’s midsection.  Which is great for making a statement, but with this length, you have options: you can double the strand for two necklaces of the same length or split the two so that one falls at choker length and the other hangs a bit longer.

The Right Length: Consider These Factors

Height is going to have one of the greatest effects on how and where a necklace any longer than choker length will fall on a body. If taller than average, a shorter necklace may not be a great option when it comes to balancing out your look. The same goes for a more petite frame, where a longer chain will fall differently than it does on a body with a longer torso.

Consider the width of your neck. The thickness of the neck can shorten the length of a strand by inches. Consider “going up a size” in order to be comfortable and achieve the style you’re going for. Find the exact measurement of your neck by using a flexible tape measure. Draping it about the neck just like a necklace, you can take these measurements with you on your next venture to find the right length. Don’t have a flexible tape measure? Use a string or necklace you currently own, mark where you would like the necklace to fall, measure it against a ruler or standard tape measure and then take it with you to the store for reference.

Styling is another important factor. Long, flowy or monochromatic blouses call for long strands, extra oomph if a pendant is added. These days, stacks are where it’s at. The great thing about stacks is, no matter the outfit or neckline, you can combine three chains of various lengths (the most popular are the sixteen, eighteen, and twenty!), thickness, pendants or no pendants, and achieve showstopper status automatically.

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