Thirteen Necklaces You Need in Your Collection
Thirteen Necklaces You Need in Your Collection

Each piece of jewelry you wear paints a picture. If your wardrobe makes up the brushstrokes on a canvas, the jewelry you pair with it are the finishing touches that tie it all together. No piece does this better than the necklace. We’ve compiled a list of necklaces we think every person should have in their collection.  You may have some already, some you may learn about for the first time, but now you will know how to wear them!  

Thirteen Necklaces You Need in Your Collection


The Collar  

Coined the “collar necklace” because of its snug fit, this is the smallest necklace worn. Usually between twelve and fourteen inches, it is also known as a crew necklace. Wear it to accentuate a sweetheart neckline or pair with an off-the-shoulder look to draw the eye upward.  

The Choker  

Worn around the neck rather than right below it, the choker tends to be a bit wider to make up for its lack of length. Coming in between fourteen and sixteen inches, add a pendant or beads to give it more dimension. Wear with a longer necklace or by itself with a button-down or strapless top for a statement. 

The Torque 

Speaking of statement, here is one necklace that makes a big one. Similar to the choker, it’s worn close to the neck, but without a clasp, giving it a suspended-in-mid-air appearance.  

The Riviere 

Think tennis necklace, only a bit longer, the name riviere comes from the French translation meaning river of gems. Worn higher up toward the neck, but not as high as a choker, some are made up of graduated gemstones, but some have larger beads all the same size.  

The Princess  

Like the riviere, the princess style is worn beneath the collarbone and considered a focal point necklace. The princess style refers to length and is typically between sixteen and eighteen inches. Think pearl necklace for reference.  

In the Middle 

The Chain 

The definition of less is more, the chain is a wardrobe staple for that says anytime, anywhere.  Coming in an array of textures but typically lightweight, a chain can say a lot without saying much at all. 

The Pendant 

Continuing with less is more, the pendant necklace is a chain with an object attached to it. Endless options abound: an intriguing shape, an elegant initial, a religious symbol, an exquisite gem – the pendant demands attention. For a vintage look, consider the lavalier: a delicate chain featuring an elongated pendant from the turn of the 20th century that typically falls beneath the collarbone and is also known as the “y necklace”. 

The Graduated 

Where the pendant draws attention to itself, the graduated necklace plays with scale. Usually made of beads, the largest are front and center, with their size decreasing as they move closer toward the clasp. Even if just a simple strand, there is a whole lot of visual impact.  

The Locket 

What else says classic romantic like the locket? Not just a pendant, but a keeper of secret love, a memento, a treasure chest – the chain comes in varying lengths and a multitude of shapes for the locket itself. 

The Matinee  

Ideal for the plunging neckline, the matinee necklace is also great for stacking since it falls between the choker and opera necklace, coming in around twenty to twenty-four inches. It’s also just as great to wear with a higher neckline when you want to break up the space. 


The Lariat  

Also known as a rope necklace, just like its namesake, it is a long chain, thirty to fifty inches, with a connector on one end for securing, instead of a clasp.  Easy to slide on, it creates visual appeal when the longer end, sometimes with a pendant or beads attached, hangs freely. It’s similar to the lavalier, in that it is also referred to as a “y necklace”, but the lariat is longer. 

The Opera 

Your go-to for formal occasions, the opera necklace refers to its length, which is anything between thirty and thirty-six inches. This one is great for layering or worn by itself. 

The Sautoir 

Much like the opera style, this necklace is one of the longest, usually coming in at waist length. “Sautoir” means “jump rope” in French, and while we don’t suggest you use it for that, it’s fun to think of wearing one.  The sautoir can be made of all beads, pearls, or broken up by tassels, but whatever the materials, the name of the sautoir’s game is statement. 

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