The Symbolism Behind Meghan Markle’s Jewelry
The Symbolism Behind Meghan Markle’s Jewelry

Whether a fan of the Royal Family or not, you probably know about the recent Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. Filmed and released amid controversy in the world of royals, it becomes obvious that the image of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is at the forefront.  During and after what they have described as “being made a scapegoat for the palace”, everything that Harry and Meghan do comes under close scrutiny, right down to the jewelry they wear.  Considered highly symbolic, take a closer look at a few significant jewelry choices Meghan makes, as she and Harry fight to have their side of the story heard.  

The Sophie Lis Pendant  

In an emotional moment onscreen, Meghan wears what is known as the love pendant, inspired by a 1907 design by Alphonse Augis, based on a line from the poem, “The Eternal Song” by Rosemonde Gerard that says, “You see, every day I love you more today, more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow”. Augis used a word puzzle that changed the words into symbols: a plus sign, in diamonds, with the word “Qu’heir” (“than today”) beneath it, followed by a ruby minus sign with “que demain” (“than tomorrow”) below. Notting Hill designer Sophie Lis’s version incorporates the same with a modern twist in 22-carat gold vermeil, studded with a halo of diamonds; all proceeds go to Wild at Heart, a charity Meghan cares for deeply. It was important that Meghan demonstrates not only good taste in jewelry, but in pieces that give back to others, while at the same time, reaffirming the everlasting love between her and Harry. 

The Jennifer Meyer Tennis Bracelet 

While Meghan had previously been spotted wearing Princess Diana’s Cartier diamond tennis bracelet in 2018 and 2021, she has been more recently seen sporting her own version. Hand-spun in 18k gold, featuring small beads in a bezel setting, and designed by her friend, Jennifer Meyer, this tennis bracelet adds a modern twist on a classic piece of jewelry. Choosing this piece suggests Meghan’s appreciation for past tradition, but acceptance and openness to different ways of doing things.  

The Cartier LOVE Bracelet 

Oh, the Cartier LOVE bracelet: if there was ever a truer icon for everlasting love in the jewelry world, this is it. This bracelet, most often seen in gold, but also made in white or rose gold, was designed by Italian jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo in 1969. Comprised of two rigid arcs, its perfectly oval shape is formed by using an accompanying gold screwdriver to screw on, and adversely, unscrew, should one want to remove it. Since the idea is that the bracelet never leaves the wrist it adorns, it is the perfect symbol of eternal affection. Typically worn by the elite, it is no surprise that Meghan wears one so effortlessly; however, this piece has long been a part of her collection, even before she was married to Prince Harry. Regardless of whether the one she wears now is a bracelet from the past or present, Harry has a matching one and it feels needless to say this is their signal to the world that their love will conquer all. 

Princess Diana’s Cartier Tank Française 

Many times throughout the series, it is apparent that Harry is fighting to keep his wife from the same fate his mother suffered at the hands of the press. It is only fitting that Meghan wears Princess Diana’s Cartier Tank Francaise timepiece, given as a gift from Harry.  The watch, designed by Louis Cartier 1917, was inspired by the tread of a Renault FT-17, a French tank used during World War I. Making its debut into the Tank family in 1996, customers loved its integrated metal bracelet and versatility. Princess Di owned two versions, but the gold one is now worn by Meghan. Although Meghan had already gifted herself a two-tone version in 2012, she wears the one from her husband and plans to give hers to her daughter. Meghan recognizes the connection that jewelry forges between people and for her, that’s what makes them special. That’s what makes the jewelry worth wearing.  

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