minimalist's guide to everyday jewelry
minimalist's guide to everyday jewelry

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you don’t like wearing jewelry but that you prefer something simple and unfussy that fuses subtly into your overall aesthetic. Often, your jewelry is what brings your outfit together. Whether it’s a touch of sparkle or chunky dome ring, each piece is carefully selected as it is often a reflection of your personality.

minimalist's guide to everyday jewelry

Some people think minimalist equals boring, but we are here to beg to differ. Just to prove it, here are a few of our favorite pieces that we think every minimalist should run, not walk, to incorporate into their everyday routine the next time they’re looking to add a (little) statement to their look.

The Hoop

When it comes to the classic hoop, an essential to any collection, consider putting a contemporary spin on it. Opt for a textured hoop or diamond-encrusted version. This will give your look an artful reinterpretation without turning your minimalist approach into a messy one.  Huggies are definitely in right now, but steer toward those with a weightier silhouette to take your look from simple to showstopper.

The Chain Necklace

Every minimalist jewelry collection should include a simple link chain. With so many different lengths and link shapes available, you can mix and match to find the perfect layered look of your own. If you choose to wear just the chain, invest in something solid gold for a bold statement that will last a lifetime.

The Bracelet

Like necklaces, bracelets run along the same gamut: opt for the barely-there chain or swing the opposite direction and don the visually stimulating chubby chain link – both will demand attention. Want a hint of sparkle? The tennis bracelet can also be your go-to.

The Ring(s)

Nothing takes you from casual to polished in no time like stackable rings. With quite the range of widths to choose from, think dome-shape stackers or thin gold twistables, try a few on different fingers, or even double up. Some of the styles already come as a stackable set. Or go solo and don a sculptural or signet ring – the effect will be just as impactful. 

The Gemstone

A pop of color may be all your collection needs to take it up a notch. Especially if wearing a white, beige or black ensemble is your go-to, gemstone jewelry will serve as your ideal accessory. From rings to necklaces or bracelets, their color can take you from fine to fabulous.

The Shine

Just because you’re going with minimalist jewelry doesn’t mean you don’t want to shine. Diamond jewelry is not only the perfect choice for a polished and sparkling aesthetic but super easy to incorporate by adding a diamond pendant, tennis bracelet, or pair of stud earrings.

The Showstopper

The key to a minimalist’s collection is to wear that one showstopping jewelry piece. Whether it is the bulbous, teardrop earrings that are trending right now or the time-tested strand of pearls, nothing says minimalist chic more than one impactful piece of jewelry to keep all eyes on you.