Rose Gold Jewelry: For Valentine's Day and Forever
Rose Gold Jewelry: For Valentine's Day and Forever

You may have noticed rose gold pop up more and more on your Instagram Explore feed or Pinterest boards. It's gold and copper combination make the metal extremely eye-catching, capturing the attention of jewelry lovers throughout the world. This metals most special attribute is its ratio of yellow gold to copper, which can result in thousands of different and unique combinations, making rose gold unalike any other metal in today's market.

Not only is rose gold perfect for Valentine's Day, it also makes an exceptional piece of jewelry to wear year-round. Rose gold is subtle, yet romantic making it extremely elegant in engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, bangles, earrings, and more.

We have curated a Rose Gold Guide to help you learn all about this oh so special metal. We have also included our favorite rose gold pieces just in time for Valentine's Day. We love exploring rose gold designs and we hope you find the perfect rose gold jewelry piece with a little help from your family at Schiffman's Jewelers!  

Rose gold necklace and bracelet

Rose gold earring