Penny Preville in our Holiday Diamond Showcase
Penny Preville in our Holiday Diamond Showcase

Most little girls love to poke around in their grandmother’s jewelry. But one little girl, Penny Preville, did more than play dress-up. She studied the designs. Was captivated by the intricacies. Marveled at the styles of artists from another time. Those early inspirations would form Penny’s own style years later and continue to inspire her today.

Penny Preville, one of our featured brands in our Holiday Diamond Showcase in November, is known for her use of stars and moons, feathers, flowers, and garlands found in her necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. While you immediately see the vintage inspiration, there’s undeniable modernism to her pieces. Penny seems to forge designs from the past seamlessly with her own twist from today. The result is a design with clean, geometric lines and polished surfaces.  

You’ll always see pearls and splashes of colorful gems throughout Preville’s work, but diamonds are clearly her favorite stone. “Diamonds are the fairytale stone,” says Penny. You can tell she still holds the same spirit of wonder she had when going through her grandmother’s jewelry as a little girl.  

It was this craftsmanship and attention to the smallest details that caught the eye of Jackie Kennedy. Fashion trends of the 1960s show what an influence Mrs. Kennedy had, and once she gravitated to Penny Preville, many others would follow. That attraction continues today with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, Sandra Bullock, and Oprah Winfrey spotted wearing original Penny Preville designs.  

In addition to clear appreciation from celebrities, you’ve likely spotted her creations in magazines like Town & Country, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, and W. Many people are not only attracted to Penny’s commitment to unique designs, but also her insistence that gems, diamonds, and metals are sourced through socially and environmentally responsible means.

You’ll have an opportunity to see many of Penny Preville’s creations at our Holiday Diamond Showcase in November. Here are a few of our favorites:

Moon & Star Bangle Bracelet

An undeniable Penny Preville design with moons and stars made in 18K gold and 1.80cts of diamonds. Available in white, yellow, or rose gold.

Moon and star bangle

Enchanted Garden Wrap Earrings

These delicate earrings with flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies are formed in 18K gold with 1.00ct diamonds. Available in white, yellow, or rose gold.

Enhanted garden earrings

Starburst Necklace

This captivating necklace is 16-inches with 7 classic Penny Preville starbursts. Made from 18K gold and 2.34cts of diamonds, you can find this in white, yellow, or rose gold.  

Starburst gold necklace