Jewelry That Matches the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year
Jewelry That Matches the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year

In Time of Chaos, a Color to Radiate Hope and the Jewelry You Can Wear to Match  

This year is going to be "restorative, refreshing, and energetic", at least according to Coloro and WGSN. The partnership between the global authority on change and experts at the consumer and design trend forecasting agency declared 2024’s Color of the Year to be Apricot Crush, a hue that brings with it a “warm luminosity”, much needed in a time when people are searching for calm and optimism. Wondering how this shows up in the jewelry world? Read on for our suggestions of how to wear and what to wear with this hue that radiates vibrant hope for the future. 

Jewelry That Matches the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year

What to Wear In Color of the Year 

Sunstone and Moonstone 

No other stone better represents the sun-kissed hue of apricot crush than these. While not actually a gemstone, it isn’t hard to see how they got their name as these members of the mineral family have the unique characteristic of aventurescence, giving them a opulent glow that mimics the warmth of sunlight.  Made to be worn at sunrise and sunset, worn on a gold band or pendant on a necklace, these stones perfectly exude apricot crush as they embody a relaxing yet revitalizing energy.  

Citrine and Topaz 

More commonly known as November’s birthstone, these two stones are often confused with each other; however, topaz is its own stone while citrine is a variety of quartz. Both present hues that come in a range of yellow to orange, resembling the autumnal leaves with ever-changing colors: a perfect way to carry the warmth of sunshine with you into the cooler months of fall. 


When you think of garnet, deep red is probably what comes to mind; however, this gemstone comes in a plethora of shades, including pink, orange, and honey brown. The spessartite or hessonite are two you will want to wear as you transition from autumn to your version of apricot in winter.  

What You Can Wear With Color of the Year 

Pink Gemstones 

Soft pink gemstones like peach morganite and blush zircon pair beautifully with apricot, giving it a soft, feminine touch. Pink mother-of-pearl adds a touch of romance while creating a glowing tapestry of a sunset ombre. 

Green Gemstones 

Think emerald or peridot and imagine the green leaves on an apricot tree highlighting the lusciousness of orange dripping from the curve of an apricot’s cheek. This pairing is perfect for a festive ambiance. 

Blue Gemstones 

Orange and blue have been a marriage made in heaven for a while, so, why not wear the two together? Think frosty blues such as turquoise and blue topaz, when you want to cool down the fiery peach and create a tranquil vibrancy.  

Why is Color of the Year important?  

The inspiration behind Apricot Crush stems from the desire to infuse creativity and positivity as consumers struggle with the uncertainty of the future. It was important to the WGSN and Coloro that the color of the year provide a sense of hopefulness while fostering excitement toward growth. Drawing inspiration from flourishing orchards with their bountiful harvest of sun-kissed apricots possessing very tangible and nutritional value makes the color of the year a perfect metaphor for embracing new beginnings and vibrant experiences.  

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