stacking earrings
stacking earrings

While there’s certainly no right or wrong way to stack your jewelry, stacking earrings can be a lot more intricate than sliding on rings, bracelets, or necklaces. If you look at it as an opportunity to express your individual style, there are better ways than others to go about it. Personal style is, after all, the best way to express your creativity without ever having to speak.

how to stack earrings

All About Building

Stacking earrings is like building; you begin with the foundation and work your way up. In this case, the first hole of your lobe is the foundation. Think of your first earring as the anchor of your style. You move upward from biggest to smallest, or statement to simple, if that helps you conceptualize. Another way to visualize is to start with hoops, then stack with huggies and studs. If you’re looking for a bold focal point, start with a jacket earring that wraps the lobe.

All About Balance

When stacking, remember that it is not just about the size of your jewelry, but also the balance of style. Consider that because ears are a smaller, more concentrated space, they need to follow this ratio: 40% bold and 60% dainty. If you have smaller ears already, consider spacing so things don’t get too busy. Or consider a stack of studs or hoops can still provide an impactful stack, just move from biggest to smallest. Remember: cuffs, clip-on, and illusion earrings are a great way to get the separate piercing look without actually having them.

All About Blending

When painting a canvas, it’s all about how colors blend. The same goes for stacking earrings. Consider not only how earrings pair with your skin tone, but how they pair with each other. Consider the style of the outfit you are wearing that day. Consider how wearing your hair will affect visibility. Wear earrings that complement the natural curvature of your face. Consider all the ways you can mix and match: chunky + thin, polished + hammered, pearl + diamond, glittery + matte, clusters + single earring: all great ways to blend textures and shine to achieve that showstopping stack. Just keep in mind that when you do this, you’ll want to avoid too many other pieces of jewelry that will compete with your stack. Remember: ear climbers, Bajoran earrings, and barbells are also great options if you want an earring that covers a lot of space, without multiple holes, and still create the sweep and depth of a stack .

All About Bottom Lines

Stacking earrings can be daring, flirty, elegant, quirky —and most of all, an opportunity to express who you are. There are no rules, only options. So, play around until you find the one, or many, you like. The great thing about earrings is that you can wear them in different placements on different days with different companions to really keep people guessing. Just bear in mind that an average stack should stick to 3-5 earrings, anything more than that is overly dramatic. And remember that the drama should lessen, the higher your stack climbs – but don’t let that dampen your creative spirit.