Diamonds: The Meaning Behind April’s Birthstone
Diamonds: The Meaning Behind April’s Birthstone

Diamonds play a few different roles in the cast of precious gemstones. While they are widely known as the universal symbol of love, they are also April’s birthstone. Some may think it’s unfair that so many women get to wear them but, to the contrary, those with April birthdays feel they are lucky to wear the world’s most prized jewel everyday of their lives!

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As the gemstone with the highest score on the universal hardness scale, diamonds are often some of the world’s oldest - 2 to 3 billions years old to be “exact”. Years of heat from the earth’s core and the pressure from rock bearing down above work to form the toughest rough known to mankind. It’s chemical composition makes it 58 times harder than any other element found in nature - in fact, a diamond can only be cut by another diamond.

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Because diamonds are built to withstand the elements, impurities almost never pass through their surfaces. But when they do, the result is a variety of colors - from pale blues to deep pinks. Our advice? The more saturated the color, the more rare the stone, the higher the value. In fact, colored diamonds are often priced higher than a colorless diamond of equal size.

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For centuries, diamonds have been bought, sold, collected, and traded all over the world. While diamonds now are most commonly purchased as a gift, they were once traded for more practical reasons. Studies show that people once believed diamonds had healing properties during the Middle Ages - curing brain disease, alleviating pituitary gland disorders and drawing toxins from the blood - which made them prime items for bartering. Before that, some also believed that diamonds enhanced human strength as many kings adorned their armor with them as they charged into battle.

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Today, most diamonds are mined in Africa but, during the 1400’s, they primarily came from India where the Moghuls and Imperial Colony panned for them along the major rivers. In the 1700’s, India fell to Brazil as it became the world’s largest source of the gemstone until about 100 years later when larger resources were discovered in Africa. Presently, diamonds are most commonly found in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

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Even though, April babies share their birthstone with modern couples, diamonds have been known as the world’s “love” stone for much longer. Ancient Romans were believed that Cupid’s arrowheads were made from diamonds and that they enhanced the durability of marriages.

Since, diamonds have become nearly synonymous with engagements and weddings, however, many of our customers purchase them for everyday wear or for special occasions. So, whether you are thinking about marriage, have an April birthday or want to gift yourself one of nature’s most beautiful stones, diamonds are an excellent choice for your jewelry collection.

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