Three Perfect Push Present Ideas

Three Perfect Push Present Ideas

Recent years have seen a rise in media coverage around a special gift given to a new mother commemorating the birth of a child. The Push Present. What is a push present exactly? A gift given to a birthing mother to mark the occasion of giving birth to a child, usually presented by the woman’s partner or family. The push present is usually given before or after the birth of a child, but sometimes in the delivery room. At its core, the concept of the push present is to say “Thank you” to the birth mother for carrying and delivering a new baby to this world. What makes a good push present? Today we will take a look at a few ways to choose a push present and share three of our favorites.

Sentimentality. This should be the number one factor in determining a push present. Whether you opt for a charm with the baby’s name and birthdate engraved, a locket to hold the baby’s first picture, or something more mom-centric like her favorite bottle of wine or a meal that incorporates her favorite food she had to forego for nine months, the meaning is the most important part of choosing a push present.

When looking for a jewelry idea for a push present, we’ve got you covered. There are a few things to consider when determining the perfect gift for the new mom. Knowing her favorite style or brand is clearly a plus, but a few simple questions will help put you on the right path to picking the perfect push present. Does the new mom in your life prefer a locket or a ring? Is she more likely to go with gold or silver, or a specialty gold like rose gold? If you know her favorite gemstone, do you want a piece which incorporates that stone, or is she more likely to appreciate a piece she can build on with birthstones for each member of the family?

Here are a few of our favorite push presents to say thank you to that new mom in your life. Remember, as long as it comes from the heart and is given with intention, she’ll love whatever you decide.

Poesy Ring Necklace

The Poesy Ring dates back as early as the 14th century. They were rings that bore poetic inscriptions and were exchanged as expressions of love. Engrave the baby's name and birthdate on the inside of the band. Add a new poesy ring for each child. Poesy ring necklaces are available from Monica Rich Kosann.

Stackable Birthstone Rings

A stackable style ring with birthstones that represent the birthday of each child. You can also have it engraved with the child's name and birthday. Check out these options from Penny Preville.

Charms and Lockets

Refined, fun, and personal, these charms and pendants from Lagos are sterling silver and18K gold. With this push gift, Mom can always wear her child’s initial close to her heart.