Summer Vacation Jewelry Guide

Summer Vacation Jewelry Guide

When packing for vacation, clothes and toiletries are the easy parts. Choosing which jewelry to take and how to pack it is going to take some planning. But doing it right will mean your jewelry will make it to and from vacation without a problem.

Tip #1: Bring the Right Jewelry

For both convenience and safety, leave your most expensive and sentimental pieces at home. For example, leave your wedding rings at home and travel with a simple wedding band. These important items are the ones that often get lost or stolen, and keeping them safe at home will save you headaches and heartaches.

Tip #2: Bring Neutral and Versatile Items

You’ll bring fewer items with you if you choose pieces that will pair with multiple outfits. Some items that go with many different looks include small hoop earrings or studs, plain silver and gold pieces, and pearls. Choosing jewelry that can work with multiple items also means you won’t have to pack quite as much.

Tip #3: Size (and Shape) Matters

A common mistake many make when packing jewelry for vacation is to forget to consider size and shape. Thinner chains have a tendency to get tangled, and chunky jewelry will take up more space. Following tip 2 will also help to choose items that are easy to pack and unlikely to get tangled or damaged.

Tip #4: How to Pack

There are several ways to pack, depending on the jewelry you choose. Each method is designed to keep your jewelry safe and damage free.

  • Jewelry Roll: This is silk or soft fabric that allows you to safely “roll” your jewelry.
  • Jewelry Pouch: Attach your earrings to buttons and slip them into the pouch. Wind a necklace around the clasp.
  • Plastic Quart Bag: A plastic bag that you use in the kitchen is waterproof and durable. You can see all your jewelry at a glance.
  • Jewelry Box: This will help you keep your jewelry organized and orderly. Choose a smaller one so you’re not tempted to over pack.
  • Glad Press ‘n Seal: Lay your jewelry out on one piece of Glad Press ‘n Seal, and put another piece over the top. Remember that the plastic will lose its stickiness and you’ll likely have to get more Press n’ Seal for the trip home.
  • Pill Case: The compartments of pill cases are a great way to keep things tidy and prevent more delicate jewelry from hitting up against each other.

Taking just a little extra care at the beginning will help make packing easy and keep your important pieces safe and secure!