Our 2019 Staff New Year's Resolutions

by Kiley Schiffman Storrs

Happy New Year! A new year is a time to make new goals or what is popularly called New Year’s resolutions. You know those life changes we make at the beginning of every year and forget about them two months later? We asked some of our staff what their goals/resolutions are for 2019, here are their responses:

New Years Resolutions

Be Healthy

“My New Year’s resolution is to eat as healthy as possible.” - Darlene, Elm Street

“My New Year’s Resolution is to hike 500 miles in NC State Parks this year.” - Robert, Friendly Center

“My new year’s resolution is to complete a half marathon and also be able to run a whole 5K.” - Sarah, Elm Street


Be Positive

“In 2019 I resolve to find more ways to relax and reflect.” - Chet, Elm Street

“My New Year’s resolution is to recognize Joy in every day of 2019” - Deb, Elm Street


Be Organized

“My New Year’s resolution is to develop routines in my work and personal life.” – Kiley, Elm Street

“My New Year’s resolution is to continue to purge my house and closet of things I no longer need or use and to finish painting the inside of our home.” - Liz, Elm Street

“In 2019, I want to purge my house of items I no longer use.” – Tracy, Elm Street


Be Committed

“My New Year’s resolution is to do better about eating dinner together as a family.” - Caroline, Elm Street