On Trend: Moonstone

On Trend: Moonstone

Science tells us it’s part of the feldspar mineral group, but that doesn’t quite have the mystique associated with what you know as the “moonstone.” Almost half of the earth’s crust is made up of minerals from feldspars, but in places like New Mexico, Brazil, India, Germany Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Mexico and Tanzania, you find a mineral that has captivated many across the ages.

Moonstones’ appeal comes from something called “adularescence.” That’s what gives the gem its appearance of being almost transparent. Some find it to have a hypnotic effect. The Romans felt that it enclosed the image of Diana, the moon goddess, who could endow one with love, wealth, and wisdom. Hindu myths say the gem is solidified beams of moonlight. It’s considered sacred in India and believed to bring good fortune. Even today, gazing at a moonstone, you can’t help but be captivated by its appearance.


Rough Moonstone with Adularescence

Our latest pieces with moonstone are inspired by a shimmering Balinese full moon, rising high above the sea. Its unique structure creates a play of light within the crystal with a silvery white, and delicate pastel shades of peach, gray, blue, and a prismatic variety called Rainbow Moonstone.

Regardless of which piece you choose, the moonstone is seen as an amulet of protection that offers a tangible connection to the magic of the moon. Essential for uplifting qualities of hope, protection, and creating a path to wisdom. It is said to bring the wearer pleasant dreams, and is thought to safeguard love and increase fertility. Perhaps, as some believe, it channels prophesy and greater wisdom. Often, it’s worn by travelers and lovers seeking a deeper bond with their partner.

Here are just a few of our favorite moonstone pieces available in our Winston-Salem and Friendly Center locations that we love:

Penny Preville Moonstone EarringsPenny Preville Moonstone Earrings


Penny Preville Moonstone NecklacePenny Preville Moonstone Necklace


John Hardy Naga Moonstone BraceletJohn Hardy Naga Moonstone Bracelet


Monica Rich Moonstone and Topaz LocketMonica Rich Moonstone and Topaz Locket