How to Wear Bracelets with All Your Fall Sweaters

How to Wear Bracelets with All Your Fall Sweaters

Weather changes means wardrobe changes and that means it’s time to match up bracelets with big cozy sweaters! Here are some great ideas and we’ll share some of our favorite designers:

Watch and Bracelet Stack


You layer your clothes, and it makes sense to layer your jewelry, too! Don’t let anyone tell you that less is more. Stack ‘em up! One rule of thumb is to stack in odd numbers. Once you have that down, use different sizes and shapes and pair with your watch. Feel free to mix metals and textures, just be careful when layering so you don’t snag your sweater on the clasps.

Bracelet Over Your Sleeve

Putting a chunky cuff bracelet over a sweater sleeve instantly adds an element of cool with little to no effort. It’s a great way to get a bold look, and a solid statement piece can be worn over any sleeve.

Bracelet and Ring Stack

Chunky Bangles

If you’re wearing a thick sweater, why not match that with some chunkier bangles? This is the time of year to put away the thinner bracelets, since they’ll be hard to see and get lost in your look.  

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Sweater weather is a great time to really show off your favorite bracelets. Avoid tennis bracelets or other tiny bracelets. Go big! If you’re not doing the “over the sleeve” look, be sure you push up your sleeves to show off your fun styles!

Some of these ideas are inspired by our favorite designers for fall bracelets, including David Yurman, John Hardy, and LAGOS. David Yurman has fantastic cable bracelets, check out John Hardy’s chain bracelet, and the LAGOS Signature Caviar Bracelet.