How to Keep the Ring Hidden Until the Proposal

How to Keep the Ring Hidden Until the Proposal

No matter how many new trends come, there’s still nothing quite like having your fiancée discover her engagement ring in a surprise location. Having a bulky ring box in your pocket is a dead giveaway, so what does a future groom do to make the reveal one she never saw coming?

Here are 5 foolproof ways you can hide the ring and make the proposal a big surprise!

1. Loose Clothing

Clothes like sports jackets make hiding the ring box a little easier, but if you really want to make the ring appear from out of nowhere consider hiding it in your sock with looser pants to cover up the bulky box. It’s a strategy that has worked many times in the past and it just may be the sleight-of-hand you’re looking for!

Schiffman's Engagement Ring in a Shell

2. Use Props

Think about things you might be carrying around anyway as a hiding place for the ring. You can put it in a backpack, slip it in a solid colored water bottle, or even tucked a box of granola bars. The trick is to make sure the prop you’re using is something that doesn’t draw suspicion. Things like camera bags, coffee mugs, or gym bags are a perfect distraction for the big surprise!

3. Hide it at the Location

Before you try this bit of ring-trickery, be absolutely sure nobody else has access to the location. If you’re going to slip it under a rock at a private garden, for example, take care to remember exactly where you put it and that you’re the only one who can get to it.

4. Use an Accomplice

This is what friends and family are for! This works especially well if you are planning to propose in a group setting. Not only do you have someone who can do the handoff, but now you also have an extra witness to take a picture of the magic moment.

Schiffman's Engagement Ring in a Starfish

5. Ditch the Box

If all else fails, and you can’t find a place to hide the bulky box, you can put the ring (carefully) in your pocket or wallet. There are also small pouches you can use or slim boxes that can be found online to replace the chunky ring box.

A little creativity and “James Bond” style tricks can really make the proposal one that will never be forgotten.