How to Avoid Getting Wedding Ring Rash

by Kiley Schiffman Storrs

A red, bumpy, and itchy rash under your wedding ring is something many people struggle with. The culprits are usually allergies, bacteria, or irritation from moisture and soap. The good news is that this is both common and curable!

Hearts On Fire Wedding Rings

Nickel Allergy

Gold and white-gold bands have trace amounts of nickel in them, and you can develop an allergy to nickel at any point in your life. That means even if you weren’t having a negative reaction to the ring when you first put it on, you could be allergic today. A process called rhodium plating is a great way to take care of this. Rhodium plating forms a barrier between your skin and the nickel in the ring. Others have found that applying clear nail polish to the inside of the ring works, however, that’s only a temporary solution.

Bacteria Buildup

Any number of things can get stuck under your wedding band. Soaps, lotions, and even dead skin can get caked on and trapped in the crevasses. If that is making you feel a bit squeamish, don’t worry! This is another easy one to fix. All you have to do is give your ring a good cleaning. You can bring it to our store anytime and we’ll clean it for free. It’s important to have rings (and all jewelry) professionally cleaned and inspected every 6 months. We can also provide you with jewelry cleaning solution and a brush and show you how to carefully clean in places where these kinds of irritants can hide.

Moisture and Soap

Many times the culprit is as simple as the soap you are using. First, it’s important to always take your ring off before washing your hands, but we know that’s not always practical. Besides removing your ring when you wash your hands, choose a mild soap over soaps with a strong detergent, perfumes, or suds. Each time you wash your hands, remember to use a hypoallergenic hand cream and choose lotions that contain ceramides to both protect and moisturize your skin.

Hearts On Fire Wedding Rings

Most importantly, if the rash doesn’t go away, blisters, or gets worse in any way, see a doctor or dermatologist right away.

Keeping your rings clean is an important way to protect you and your ring from damage. If you ever have any questions or would like a professional cleaning, stop into our store and we’ll be happy to help.