How Often Should I Have My Engagement Ring Checked?

How Often Should I Have My Engagement Ring Checked?

Think about the pieces of jewelry you wear every day. For most, it’s a fairly compact list, with one piece guaranteed to make an appearance, your engagement and wedding rings. What does not occur to most people is that over time their wedding and engagement rings can begin to break down. Engagement rings are especially prone to dings and dents from being worn on the hand and getting regularly bumped, hit, and snagged. Through daily wear, the prongs, the most fragile parts of your ring, can become bent or turned out of alignment.

Prongs play the crucial role of holding your gemstone in place and keeping it secure. Damaged or worn prongs can lead to a loose stone and if left unattended could cause a failure, resulting in a lost stone. You can avoid the stress and heartbreak of a lost diamond or gemstone by having your rings inspected on a regular basis.

Having your ring inspected on a regular basis is important to protect the investment of your most prized piece. This may seem like an additional hassle, but when you factor in the amount of money and emotional attachment contained in your ring, a little extra effort is absolutely worth the time. There are two types of checks you can perform on your ring. The first is a simple self-check on your own and the second is a professional inspection.

There are some advantages to doing a regular self-check on your engagement ring. While you may not have a professionally trained eye, you will likely be able to notice if the stone appears loose or if there is an obviously bent or damaged prong. When performing a self-check, pay close attention to the prongs. They are the most susceptible part of the ring to damage and can get snagged on clothing or bumped against hard surfaces, changing their shape. If you notice a bent or broken prong, have it repaired right away at a trusted jeweler. Fixing a prong is substantially less expensive than having to replace a stone. While a simple self-check is a wonderful regular practice for your engagement ring, nothing substitutes for a professional inspection.

A professional jeweler will appreciate the care and attention you pay to your ring. They also have the ability to spot things before your self-inspection notices there is a problem. Even if you don’t see an issue with your ring, a regular professional inspection by a respected jeweler can provide a much closer look at your prized possession. A professional is trained to spot any defects or issues in your ring, and they have specialized equipment to identify issues early and provide solutions. Using magnifying tools to help detect even the smallest of issues, inspections include a safety check of the setting, cleaning, and polishing of your ring. The safety check will alert the jeweler to any issues or problems that can immediately be fixed. Loose stones can be tightened and any worn out portions of the jewelry can be repaired or replaced.

Most inspections also include a cleaning and polishing. While this may seem merely superficial, a good cleaning is paramount to preventing future issues with your engagement ring. Jewelers are able to clean dirt from very hard to access places, helping to prevent future issues caused by friction and defects. Polishing allows the true beauty of your ring to shine through and help you spot any changes over time. Our professional recommendation is to have your engagement ring inspected and cleaned every six months, with monthly self-checks performed between professional cleanings.

Caring for your engagement ring and paying attention to regular maintenance is the easiest way to guarantee a lifetime of sparkle and shine to a piece that means so much. We are always here to answer any questions about cleaning and maintenance of your rings or other pieces.