Peridot: The History and Meaning Behind August's Birthstone

August babies, yours is a birthstone that makes the earth move!  More specifically, it’s the moving and volcanic earth that brings your birthstone, the peridot, to the surface.  

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A 4th Generation Labor of Love: The Wellendorff Rope

You’ve heard the expression “labor of love”, right? Often referring to acts of kindness, romantic gestures, or those little things you do to surprise her. Maybe it’s that time you had the house cleaned or that trip you took for your anniversary. Well, I hate to break it to you but the Wellendorff family has each and every one of us beat.

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What Makes a Watch a Dive Watch?

Diving as an endeavor has combined sport and science since the early 20th century. Before dive computers and advanced technical equipment, the dive watch was a necessary tool of the sport. You might be able to wear your watch in the shower or even the pool this weekend, but there is a huge difference between a waterproof watch and a dive watch.

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What Makes a Ruby the Perfect Summer Birthstone

Rubies, the king of gems, have a long history of being admired by many cultures as a symbol of love, health, and wisdom. Today, July’s birthstone is still captivating and highly sought after.

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