For Couples Who Dare to Be Different: Colored Stone Engagement Rings

You don’t follow traditions. You make your own. You order the thing on the menu nobody else has tried. If everyone else is driving a Chevy, you’re in a Subaru. And a diamond engagement ring?

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The Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Steel & Gold

Tudor watches are having a moment in American culture. With their close association to other watch brands, they have garnered a following stateside among the watch enthusiast culture.

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The Guy’s Guide to Wearing Necklaces Everyday

You can do this. And you can make it look great while doing it. We’re talking about necklaces. It’s not always the easiest look for men, but a little know-how and some simple tips will have you looking sharp and sophisticated.

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Can You Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together?

We have all heard the common fashion myth: don’t mix your metals. The old mandate that it is a strict no-no to wear silver and gold together is outdated.

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