5 Engagement Ring Trends We Are Loving for 2019

You can’t ever go wrong with diamonds, but new trends each year are an opportunity to explore exciting options you may not have thought about.  We put this list together with both nontraditional and classic fashions in mind.  

1.Estate/Antique Rings

Each antique ring comes with a story.  It calls back an era full of romance and delicate craftsmanship.  It’s a ring that lets you truly say “they don’t make them like that anymore!”

Photo credit: Kirk Kara

2.Mixed Metals

Mixing metals like platinum and gold brings a whole new kind of look to the traditional engagement ring. Brides can choose either a subtle or bold look when mixing metals.

Photo credit: Hearts On Fire

3.Rose Gold

We started noticing brides looking for rose gold more and more in 2018.  It looks like it’s a trend that’s here to stay!  One of the many appealing features of rose gold is it flatters any skin tone.

Photo credit: Kirk Kara 

4.Pear-Shaped Diamond

Instead of the expected “round” diamond, many brides are falling in love with pear-shaped diamonds.  Not only does it stand out as something special, the pear-shape makes your finger look slimmer.

Photo credit: Precision Set

5.Oval-Cut Diamond

Like the pear-shaped choice above, oval-cut diamonds stand out.  This nontraditional stone paired with a rose gold band issure to bring out the “ooos and aahhs.”


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