The Sparkling Penny Preville Lace Cross Pendant

The Penny Preville Lace Cross Pendant adds a look of elegance to any outfit. The cross charm on this necklace is made of 18K gold and something that is going to stay in good shape through much use. The shape of the cross is artistic and beautiful. This necklace captures the attention of all who see it, and it can be worn as a religious statement or simply to be fashionable. The diamond accents that cover the front of this cross bring a luxurious feel to the piece.

Penny Preville was inspired to create jewelry because of the sparkling pieces that she once saw in her grandmother's jewelry box. The brand uses a variety of high-quality materials to create their many pieces, including 18K gold, diamonds, and platinum. This Penny Preville Lace Cross Pendant is something that was designed with care just as all pieces from Penny Preville are. Penny Preville designs have been worn by many different celebrities through the years and they always receive attention because of their beauty and their fine craftsmanship. 


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