The Herend Sitting Pug Figurine

Do you have a passion for dogs? Do you like to fill your home with decorations and perhaps animal figurines? Have you always thought that pugs were the most adorable breed of dog ever? Most people know someone that has a pug or especially likes that breed of dog. Why not purchase one of the most finely made pug figurines for either yourself or that pug lover you know?

The Herend Sitting Pug figurine is a nice addition to that figurine shelf. Herend did not slack on any of the detail when making this particular piece. The pug is realistic looking and cute! The colors used give this piece a very unique artistic value. The Herend Sitting Pug figurine is yet another fine piece crafted by the experts at Herend.

These days Herend is the biggest porcelain manufacturing company in all of Europe, but it wasn't always that way. The company started as a small pottery company in a small Hungarian village called Herend. After some years of producing pottery they became famous for selling their merchandise to members of the royal family. Through the years they have expanded their porcelain line to include not only dishes but figurines as well.Herend now produces a large line of dishes, figurines and many other porcelain items. They have as an option just about any type of dog and any type of animal figurine that you may desire. All of the Herend products are made with exquisite detail and produced to royal standards.


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