The Hand-made Excellence of Beatriz Ball Collections


Working with highly-skilled metalsmiths and artisans of Mexico City, Beatriz Ball creates luxurious handmade metalware using an ancient process of sand casting. In this process, high quality alloy of molten aluminum is poured into sand molds. The resulting piece of metalware goes through four different levels of polishing to produce a fine lustrous finish. The meticulous handmade process gives depth, character and personality to each individual piece of fine metalware that Beatriz Ball creates. Made entirely of recycled aluminum, the pieces of Beatriz Ball Collection display a variety of lustrous designs – from flaunting shapes, rugged chic to the simply elegant ones. Coupled with its beauty are the durability and versatility of the metalware pieces. The handmade wares are tarnish-free and may be used to chill or warm food up to 350 degrees . Despite their fine quality and elegance, the pieces are easy to care for making them perfectly suitable for today’s casual lifestyle.
Enjoy the luxury of the handmade creations of the Beatriz Ball Fine Metalware Collection which is available at Schiffman’s in Winston-Salem.


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