The Glories of Byzantine


Ravenna was an Italian City formed some time ago as the center of Byzantine Exarchate of Ravenna. Notably, it has been regarded as a capital city where the concentration of power, control, authority, fame, trade and commerce laid. During the 6th century, the church had the biggest influence over society, which was depicted in the arts and literature of the era. Fine dinner wares were molded with stylish refinement influenced by the decorations of the church. Beatriz Ball Collection finds inspiration in this glorious period in history for its Ravenna collection, named after the glorious city which was the seat of power during the Byzantine epoch. The Ravenna bowls relive the glamour of the Byzantine era with its thin sheets of handcrafted precious metal and adorned base. Beatriz Ball's Ravenna collection is skillfully crafted to give you a genuine feel of the Byzantine elegance.
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