The Exquisite Tudor Heritage Black Bay Wristwatch

Stories abound surrounding the Tudor name. Watches that have been run over by trains and continued to function, dropped from aircraft, watches that can dive more deeply than the average athlete and never leak. These are the watches that will be heirlooms for the owner's next of kin. Many proud owners have been wearing the same watch every day for thirty-five years and more and of course, no need for batteries in these fully automatic timepieces.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel and Gold Wristwatch is a perfect example of these fine Swiss-made timepieces. This particular beauty with its sixty-year history features a heavy "rivet" gold and steel bracelet that cradles its forty-one-millimeter solid steel case. Updated for today's wearer, the black face is surrounded by a luxurious burgundy matte finish disc that really enhances its wide, easily visible hands and hour markers. Believe us, even strangers will be asking you what brand of watch that is, and where you got it. Many Tudor owners sleep with their watch firmly attached to their wrists.

Remember, these timepieces are so unique that only an authorized repair facility may clean, repair or make other adjustments. With other timepieces, no matter what the cost, you have to take it to some neighborhood jeweler and hope for the best.

Go to an authorized Tudor jeweler today and ask to try on your Tudor Heritage Black Bay steel and gold Wristwatch. Warning! You won't be able to take it off.


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