Super Star


The charming starfish is the super star of Beatriz Ball’s Ocean Starfish Tray. The overwhelming charisma of the ocean amplified by the tiny little creature's irresistible charm has been the inspiration of this Beatriz Ball Collection. It has been ingeniously designed to convey elegance, vanity and functionality. The starfish’s alluring radiance is boosted in this petit tray. The versatility of the tray makes it a perfect use for serving cream cheese, pepper jelly, cookies, muffins and what-not’s. It can also be a good accessory in a ladies powder room. That's utility and style crafted in a single item. Worry no more because it is made of an FDA safe, easy care 93% alloy. Grab this bestselling item from Beatriz Ball and make it a perfect gift packaged in a lovely gift box.
Check it out in Beatriz Ball’s authorized retailer, Schiffman’s located in Winston-Salem. 


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