Shabby chic

Want a new look out of a dreary, dark interior? Try shabby chic. It’s an avant-garde art in England that started in the nineties and carried on to this day by people with a taste for an outdoorsy feel. The soft pink flowers in bloom, blue pastels of a Mediterranean sea, the cottony white of clouds in a sunny morning; these are the aspirations of English interior designers caught in their grey, rainy country. You can actually create the shabby chic theme with some of the Salisbury porcelain items. The Bridal Spray tea cup set is awash in pink roses and so does the Almond tea cup. The Chelsea plate has yellow tones to add accents to the general whiteness of shabby chic. Likewise, the American Dogwood, laced with minty green leaves, create depth to your entire shabby chic theme. Feel free to play around the Salisbury items as you paint your house in shabby chic.
Salisbury is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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