Phillips House Knocker Contrast Necklace

Phillips House has created some unique pieces of jewelry, and this Knocker Contrast Necklace is no exception. This knocker contrast necklace (0.59tcw) is made of gold and diamond making it yellow gold diamond necklace. It is made from one of the fine metals in the world that means that it is of the best quality and has a very fashionable style. It is a very stunning necklace that everyone would love to own.

Phillips House has many other gorgeous necklaces, as well as other jewelry, so you can find many pieces that fit your style. The Hero DBTY Necklace (0.54tcw) is also yellow gold and diamond. This kind of a necklace leaves the heroic mark on the woman wearing it, leaving her feeling more empowered and more formidable. There is also the Hero Lariat Necklace (0.40tcw) that is also a yellow gold and diamond piece. Thirdly, we have the Hero Stud Earrings (0.36tcw).  Phillips House jewelry will start conversations and leave you feeling powerful.

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