Penny Preville Openwork Art Deco Ring

When the world of fine jewelry envelopes a naturally talented, and highly skilled artist, a new door is opened.  Walk through this door and you shall find some of the most stunning, elegant, and sophisticated pieces to fit your style.  Fine jewelry designer Penny Preville has created the most luxurious pieces, including the dazzling Openwork Art Deco Ring.
This ring features 18k gold (available in white or yellow), and .80ct diamonds.  Its style and shape embodies refinement, but it still stands out as a truly unique piece of jewelry.  Its symmetry gives it a noble and sturdy feel, while inlay of diamonds keeps it feminine.  The wearer could be any woman desiring a bold statement without sacrificing a drop charisma.
The Openwork Art Deco Ring can easily be incorporated into a classic, clean look for everyday wear.  It displays a professional demeanor for any strong career woman.  For a night out, it will blend right in, lending itself to pure grace.  It will effortlessly transition from day to night, matching most any outfit.  
Penny Preville's Openwork Art Deco Ring can be combined with other pieces from her vast collection of intricately detailed jewelry.  This award-winning designer has kept a balanced look in all of her pieces, which is essential to be able to mix and match.  For those seeking to start their own collection, this particular ring provides such a wonderful presentation on the hand.  Conversation will flow freely when anyone asks what that gorgeous piece being worn is.  Pride and confidence will emanate from the wearer of this exquisite ring.


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