Penny Preville Leaf Pendant

The Penny Preville Leaf Pendant is the definition of sophistication and style. Penny Preville is a jewelry designer for the stars with the likes of Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and Drew Barrymore all adorning and collecting her unique creations.

The Leaf pendant is gorgeous and comes in Yellow or White 18K gold with a beautiful curved leaf covered in 1.59 carats of white diamonds hanging on a 22 inch long chain that is also decorated at intervals with round diamonds. The leaf pendant would be great for a formal or informal outing, the design is made to be versatile for both. When paired with Penny Preville leaf pendant earrings it would give the wearer a sense of completion.

Penny Preville received her first inspirations from her grandmother’s jewelry box, and has since been an award winning jeweler that defines feminity, luxury and an eye for integrate design. She has said that her goal is to make jewelry, that makes a woman look and feel fabulous, that is exactly what the Leaf pendant does. It makes a person feel beautiful, fabulous, and complete. The Leaf Pendant like other pieces by Penny Preville incorporates elements such as millegrain and hand engraving to give the wearer a special touch of personalization.

Come on in and see the fabulous and feminine Leaf Pendant by Penny Preville, or browse her other creations.


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