Penny Preville Feather Pendant

The Penny Preville Feather Pendant features 1.70 ct of diamonds and 18K gold in an intricate feather design. Feminine and flirty describes the signature style of Penny Preville. This pendant is modern and trendy. It is part of the Feather collection with a full complement of matching pieces. The attention to detail makes it look like a real feather from a distance with a delicate glimmer, until you realize that it is high fire diamonds.

Penny Preville was first inspired by the pieces in her grandmothers jewelry box. She later grew up to become an award-winning jewelry designer with a signature style all her own. Her style is defined by an eye for intricate detail, using old world techniques and transforming them into contemporary collectibles. Each of her collections is unique and centered on a theme. The Feathers collection is loved for its wearability and versatility.

The Feather pendant has a floaty and free feel like Friday night. To complete the look, you will also want the matching bracelet and feather ring. These pieces are available in both 18K gold and 18K green gold. This piece is perfect for spicing up that little black dress or would make a whimsical addition to a bridal gown. It is not unusual to see a Penny Preville piece being sported on the red carpet or on the cover of magazines. This unique ensemble will be certain to make all heads turn and make you feel like you are on the red carpet too.


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