Molten attraction

The folds that run the rim of a Beatriz Ball Antik bowl betray the skilled hands of an artisan behind the signature. Easily one of the most prized metalware brands, Beatriz Ball exhibits one of its best metal renditions in the Antik collection. The collection of trays, bowls, ladles, spreaders, and salad servers seems to be caught in their molten aluminum state. Noticeably, the hand sculptured lines flow smoothly in the inner molds of a Beatriz Ball Antik piece. The curves are unpredictable, yet they exude a tinge of homemade charm.  A sense of rawness and antiquity lends character to the Antik line. The Beatriz Ball Antik pieces are always an excellent addition to any dining host’s must-have collection.
Beatriz Ball is available at Schiffman's at Friendly Center.


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