Mikimoto Conch Pearl Pendant

Mikimoto is the finest producer of cultured pearls in the world, and a leader in exceptional quality jewelry. Mikimoto has made their mark in the world of jewelry at every level; from quality and selection, customer service, and their warranty and commitment to their clients. Pearls are beautiful gems which are born from the sea and they are pure, making them a living gem. Pearls are a symbol of class, elegance and unique style, and Mikimoto puts every effort into their quality and craftsmanship that makes each piece last a lifetime.

If fact, it's been over a century now that Kokichi Mikimoto created the world's first cultured pearl. Mikimoto had a quest for perfection, a tradition that carries on through Mikimoto designs today.

One of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry is a Mikimoto pearl pendant. The beautiful conch and white South Sea cultured pearl pendant features a lovely conch pearl as well as a white south sea cultured pearl. The conch pearl is 14x9mm, and the white south sea cultured pearl is 15mm with 2.78ct tourmaline, .87ct diamonds, all set in a beautiful platinum design. The Mikimoto conch pearl pendant is a gift right from the living sea, and an elegant and special piece to keep for a lifetime.

Take a look at this stunning pearl pendant and the beauty of the craftsmanship, and treat yourself or the woman you love to the mystery of the sea, and the gift of pure elegance and luxury. 


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