Mikimoto Cascata Ring

Jewelry is a way to express your style, taste and image to those around you. It can be an extension of your personality or convey a message that you want to say to the world. Whether you would define your style as minimal, elegant, natural or eclectic, there are many jewelry options available to suit you.

The Mikimoto Cascata Ring is a statement piece of jewelry like no other. Classic 18 karat white gold forms the substantial band holding over three carats of diamonds and a 13mm South Sea cultured pearl. The diamonds cascade elegantly around the pearl in a shimmering cluster. This ring will capture the attention of anyone who sees it as it adorns your hand with exquisite beauty.

A world leader in the production of high quality cultured pearls and exceptional jewelry design, Mikimoto brings that one-of-a-kind look to this beautiful ring as well. When you choose a Mikimoto piece, you know that you are choosing the ultimate in sophistication and timeless elegance. Mikimoto pearls are not only among the finest cultured pearls in the world, but also a beautiful reflection of unparalleled quality, care and dedication.

If you desire the highest of quality when choosing your jewelry and want a stunning, unique piece to reflect your elegant style and taste, look no further than the Mikimoto Cascata ring for a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. The Cascata will help you make a beautiful statement without saying a word! 


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