Memoire Diamond Bouquets Ring

This beautiful, dazzling ring from the Mémoire Diamond Bouquets™ Collection conveys the exquisite, outstanding craftsmanship that creates the appearance of 3.5 ct diamonds from an invisible setting of 1.2 ct total.

The three diamond bouquets are set in extruded 18K white gold, further enhancing their light and brilliance. They epitomize the purity of gem selection for which, along with extruded metal bands and long-lasting strength, Mémoire jewelry is known and respected. They are, in fact, a wonderful example of the timeless designs created by the company.

Mémoire was the result of the 1986 expansion into the United States of the French jewelry company Orest. It's flagship category is the high end diamond rings for which it's original mandate was to raise the profile in the United States. Thirty years later, Mémoire is highly respected for its innovative designs, purity of materials and its use of 18K gold and platinum with unique extruded mountings. Mémoire became an independent subsidiary  of Hearts on Fire in 2004 and is now part of the Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, although still with the man who made it one of the most sought after brands in North America, J. Douglas McDowell, at the helm.

Mémoire's Diamond Bouquets™ Collection's diamonds are innovatively set to look three times larger than their actual combined weight. In the design, a center diamond is surrounded by nine invisibly set diamonds create the impact that an equivalent size solitaire diamond has. The 500 facets, designed to duplicate those of a single gem, sparkle with just the same elegant and timeless brilliance.


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