Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold & Chalcedony Bracelet

Since the launch of his exquisite jewelry line in the year 2000, Marco Bicego has redefined what is meant by the term everyday luxury. He comes from a line of Old World Italian artisan goldsmiths who have decades of experience creating pieces of art that every woman will enjoy. The company remains a small family-owned business that is headquartered in the charming town of Trissino, Vicenza in northern Italy.

The Macro Bicego 18K yellow gold and chalcedony bracelet lives up to the company reputation of simple elegance. The brilliance of the yellow gold sets off the semitransparent waxy luster of the grayish-blue chalcedony teardrops. Chalcedony is a type of quartz that is extremely fine grained and its use goes all the way back to Bronze Age Greece. This piece is timeless, yet playful. It is hand engraved, with each stone carefully handpicked for color and uniformity. This piece is elegant enough but simple enough to wear every day. This is an essential piece that every woman should have in her collection. You can’t go wrong with an old world classic like this piece. 


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